Why Organic?

Holy Organic is proud to be a family owned business, where we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality 100% Certified Organic fruit and vegetables to our customers, the people of Melbourne. We believe that flavor comes first, and so by that standard, we pride ourselves on providing you with fresh inspiration to keep Melbourne cooking organic, all year round.

Organic fruit and vegetables are no longer the preserve of those who can afford the extra cost. Now widely available in every major supermarket and high street green grocer, organic produce is a must. Yet, the stamp of organic on a tomato does not guarantee that tomato’s quality, just that it has been grown in the absence of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Why we are different

What sets us apart from other organic wholesalers is that not only are our products 100% Certified, but the produce we wholesale is handpicked from well-established Victorian (if not, Australian) farms without exception, guaranteeing an organic quality and freshness.

We have an unshakable commitment to connecting you to the land with the organic fruits and vegetables of seasonal Australian farming. Our expertise lies in the end-to-end professional delivery of fresh Organic fruit and vegetables to our customers on a daily basis.

This pledge has resulted in strong bonds of mutual respect between our business and those farmers who share our principles. You too can become part of these bonds and support the future of Victoria’s organic and sustainable agriculture.

Holy Organic – originating from time honored farming, arriving at your doorstep.