Order ID: # 5360

Delivery Date: 22-05-2019

Product Unit Price Quantity Total
Organic Kale Curly/Green Unsleeved (bunch) $3.64 1 $3.64
Organic Potatoes Nicola (20kg/box) $57.20 1 $57.20
Organic Pumpkin Jap Whole (~3kg/ea) $7.15 1 $7.15
Organic Avocado Feutre Volume (10kg/box) $71.50 1 $71.50
Organic Oranges Valencia Loose (10kg) $19.50 1 $19.50
Subtotal $158.99
Shipping Charge $0.00
GST 5360 $0.00
Order total $158.99

Delivery Instruction: Hi Rob, as discussed re oranges- whatever going th the cheapest price. Same with the avos. The smaller cheaper ones you gave me last time weren't the greatest so the bigger ones in the tray will be fine. Also if there are any red capsicums loose that we can get I would love to grab a few. Absolutely not fussed ion the delivery day. Cheers mate, please let me know if threes any issues or if I've made a stupid mistake on the order. Cheers