How we started

My name is Rob, the founder of Holy Organic.

Having been in the fruit and vegetable industry for the past 20, only the last 5 years have I started learning about the organic industry, and how it is so different to conventional. I decided to offer a home delivery service in our local area of Dingley, and called ourselves, Dingley Village Organics.

The more we mentioned our service to people at our local primary school, and surrounds, the more people seemed to be interested, and so the orders started flooding in. Our feedback was good – people were happy with our quality and customer service, but mostly people said that we were cheap compared to our competitors. This made me think that it wasnt just quality organic produce where people that could afford the premium price that was important, but having a price where the average family could afford to but our product on a weekly basis. Our idea was taking off. We would offer fabulous prices to go along with our product.

Our operation

Seven months later, we moved to North Melbourne and setup our operation in a warehouse on Dryburgh Street. Almost straight away, we started getting calls from shops, cafes and even buyers from the new market, asking us to supply them. So with the hiring of 2 new staff, it was now possible to start wholesaling to the people of Melbourne.

After 18 months, it was time to move. We moved to a warehouse in Cheltenham. During our openings to the public on Saturdays, we decided we needed to get a shop. Looking around the area, we found a nice little shop at 1/311 Boundary Road Mordialloc, where we moved to and ‘setup shop’.

Our wholesale team concentrates on the supply of cafes, schools, processors, and health shops with premium quality service, affordable produce and excellent customer service. We have continued to expand our home delivery to the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and now offer a range of prepacked fruit and vegetables for those store that want a basic range of organic produce.

April C
19. July, 2021.
Verified review
My go-to organic store. Great range, the highest quality, and the service is the kind, generous sort you rarely get nowadays. Highly recommend.
16. July, 2021.
Verified review
Great little shop, nice and close by for me and I always feel welcome here. Cheers.
Yvette Kolettis
5. April, 2021.
Verified review
Amazing fresh produce 🥒🥬🥦🌽🌶🍆🫐🍓🍇🍉🥑accompanied by beautiful people that always serve you with a smile 😃. Definitely A+++
Eldo Large
28. March, 2021.
Verified review
Sophia Kefos
21. October, 2020.
Verified review
Serena Forte
2. October, 2020.
Verified review
Robbie B
10. September, 2020.
Verified review
Went there for the first time the other day and it was great! Quality of food is the best ive seen regarding organic. Rob the owner is a great guy and very friendly. My new fruit and veg shop sorted 👌
Tanuki Soba
9. September, 2020.
Verified review
Wonderful fruit and veg shop with great service and welcoming atmosphere.
Michelle Howroyd
31. August, 2020.
Verified review
Great service .Fresh fruit and veg . Rang for a home delivery today and received it with in the hour . Thanks Rob
Tracey Mcgregor
17. August, 2020.
Verified review
Highly recommend Holly Organics. Always fresh produce and customer service is always 100%. Thank you Rob, Tracey 👍

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